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When was the last time you scheduled a crawl space inspection for a Bloomington IN property? If you’re not sure, it’s time to call the crew here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. A full inspection can find developing damage, ensuring timely repairs.

Additionally, a crawl space mold inspection can mean timely cleanup, keeping mold out of interior spaces. Needed encapsulation and waterproofing also keeps the space clean and dry, and ready for storage!

With this in mind, why not call us today for your FREE home inspection? We’ll schedule a no-hassle inspection at your earliest convenience. To get your property started, contact us right now! We offer professional services for foundation repair in Bloomington.

A home ready for a crawl space inspection in Bloomington.
A home suffering water damage and needing foundation and crawl space repair.

Why Schedule Regular Crawl Space Inspections for Your Property

Bloomington property owners might not realize the value of regular crawl space inspections. However, there are many reasons to schedule inspections regularly. One is that repairing damage early on keeps it from getting worse. Two, inspections can note if the space needs waterproofing, to prevent wood rot, mold, and other costly issues.

Also, a home inspection crawl space can note potential pest infestation so you can schedule extermination services as needed. Pest control keeps termites, carpenter ants, and other insects and rodents out of interior spaces, avoiding costly damage. So, why not call us today to schedule the inspection services you need to have done?

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Why Avoid a DIY Crawl Space Inspection in Bloomington?

Property owners should avoid thinking they can manage a crawl space inspection in Bloomington themselves. While property owners can sometimes spot significant damage, it takes a trained eye to evaluate the space properly. Only a foundation repair contractor can check for small cracks, sloping, soft soil, and other significant issues.

Additionally, note that inspecting a crawl space isn’t always safe! Crawl spaces are often dusty and dirty, and damaged piers and beams can shift suddenly. Without the right gear and training, a property owner can suffer an injury while trying to manage this inspection themselves. To keep yourself safe and ensure a thorough free crawl space inspection Bloomington, give our team a call.

Crawl space encapsulation and a dehumidifier installation.
Pier and beam repair after a crawl space inspection.

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Crawl Space Inspections?

Why call the team here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing for your needed crawl space inspection? One reason we’re the best in the business is that we bring 20 years of experience to every project. Two, we ensure thorough inspections of the space, without overlooking any details. In turn, you can schedule timely fixes and save on otherwise unnecessary repair costs!

Above all, we guarantee all our foundation repair and encapsulation services in writing. Whatever the damage to your property’s crawl space, our expert technicians can perform prompt, thorough fixes. With added waterproofing, you know your structure will stay in good condition for years to come!

To that end, why keep putting off your needed crawl space mold inspection and foundation fixes? Call us today to get your property started with a full inspection and needed foundation repairs.



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Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is the name to trust for all your needed foundation repairs and waterproofing services. We offer full-scale foundation crack and leak patching, underpinning, and leveling. Also, our expert waterproofing and encapsulation protect a structure’s foundation against water damage, wood rot, and more. To get your property started with a FREE price quote, give us a call right now!

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