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Is it time for crawl space encapsulation in Bloomington, IN? Crawl space insulation by Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is an excellent choice for any pier and beam foundation! One reason to invest in encapsulation is that it keeps out excessive moisture, reducing the risk of foundation damage. Two, encapsulation keeps moisture out of interior spaces while improving insulation.

Additionally, encapsulation systems for a crawl space allow for easier access and safer storage! You can keep personal items in that space or reach your structure’s underside more readily when you invest in encapsulation. Also, keeping out moisture means less risk of mold growth, wood framing rot, and even insect infestation. These issues are not only unpleasant but also costly to address!

With this in mind, why not call us today for your FREE encapsulation price quote? We’ll perform a full inspection and explain your options for crawl space encapsulation installation. Above all, we’ll explain our customer satisfaction guarantee before any work begins! To find out more, give our trusted crew a call today.

Full-scale crawl space encapsulation in Bloomington.
Materials used for crawl space encapsulation.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation for Bloomington Properties?

Crawl space encapsulation refers to installing a thick plastic sheeting or tarp over all surfaces in that space. Additionally, a contractor might add an encapsulation crawl space dehumidifier. The thick tarp blocks moisture from the space, keeping it drier overall. Also, a dehumidifier pulls moisture from the air and redirects it away from the crawl space.

In turn, that encapsulation protects your pier and beam foundation from moisture damage including wood rot and mold. Another great benefit to encapsulation is that the plastic sheeting provides a clean, dry surface for stored items. Accessing the structure’s underside is also easier after encapsulation, rather than having to crawl on a dirt ground! Encapsulating the space also blocks outside heat and cold from getting into interior spaces.

If you still have questions about crawl space encapsulation installation, give us a call. Our customer care team is always happy to answer all your questions. Additionally, we can explain the benefits of encapsulation, vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, and more for your property!

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When Does a Property Need Crawl Space Encapsulation?

A full-scale property inspection can determine if it’s time for crawl space encapsulation. However, you might also note some signs that it’s time for a vapor barrier, dehumidifier, encapsulation, and other protective measures:

  • Remember that encapsulation improves interior insulation. If you notice cold floors or dampness along your property’s flooring, it’s time for encapsulation services!
  • Do you store items in the crawl space? If so, call us for full-scale encapsulation! Thick sheeting protects items from rust, mold, mildew, rot, and other costly damage.
  • Encapsulation helps repel insects and rodents looking for a water source. In turn, you reduce your risk of infestation when you invest in crawl space repairs. If your property is always home to unwanted pests, call us for an inspection and price quote.
  • Wood piers and beams tend to warp, rot, chip, and crack more readily than steel foundation materials. In turn, it’s vital that you invest in encapsulation for added protection against damage.
  • Excessive soil moisture or humidity can risk a damp crawl space.

If any of this sounds like your property, call us for a complimentary quote on all of your crawl space service needs.

Interior water damage signaling the need for crawl space repair and encapsulation.
A contractor preparing for crawl space encapsulation in Bloomington IN.

Why Call Us for Your Needed Crawl Space Encapsulation

When you need crawl space encapsulation in Bloomington, why call our crew? One reason to trust your property’s foundation to us is that we offer over 20 years of experience. Two, we never start a project without a full inspection! Lastly, we guarantee every repair and encapsulation in writing, ensuring that our work lasts for years.

Above all, we take pride in offering outstanding customer care and support. Our team is always happy to answer your questions every step of the way. Additionally, we endeavor to keep mess and disruption to a minimum when on your property.

With all this in mind, why not call us today to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation and price quote? You have nothing to lose and only a crawl space in good condition to gain by calling us!

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Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing is the company to call for all your needed foundation repair. We offer everything from crack patching to leak repair, underpinning, and foundation leveling. For pier and beam foundations, call us about shimming and new installations.

Additionally, our waterproofing services protect your foundation and needed repairs. Waterproof coatings, French drain systems, vapor barriers, humidifiers, and encapsulation keep your property protected from the ground up! To find out more or for your no-cost appointment, just give us a call.

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