The Best Bloomington Foundation Repair Methods Available!

Our Foundation Repair Methods for Bloomington Properties Make Us the Best!

We use the best foundation repair method for your property’s construction, ensuring quality fixes that last.

Not all foundation repair methods for Bloomington properties are the same! Using the wrong foundation repair techniques can mean low-quality fixes that don’t last, or overlooking needed repairs for that foundation under your home or business.

At Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we tailor our slab, pier and beam, and basement foundation repair methods to fit every property’s construction and extent of the damage. We check for needed secondary services such as waterproofing and soil grading. We also stand behind all our work with a full written guarantee as well!

For more information about how our foundation repair methods set us apart from the competition, call the crew here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing today!

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Different foundation repair methods in Bloomington are needed for various properties.


Does Your Property Need Foundation Repair?

Check out how we determine the best foundation repair method for your residential or commercial property and then call us for your FREE consultation and price quote.
Step 1


The only way to determine the right foundation method for your home or commercial structure is with a full inspection! Our crew can spot foundation damage deep in concrete or along piers and beams, so we know the best repair choice for your property. We also inspect inside your property, looking for signs of foundation damage and weakness.
Step 2


Once we’ve determined the right foundation repair techniques for your house or business, we discuss your options and ensure all your questions are answered. We also want to make sure that you understand the right foundation repair choice for your property.
Step 3


When performing foundation repair for your property, we endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum. We also keep you fully informed of our progress every step of the way! This ensures expert repairs you can trust to last for years to come.
Step 4


Here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we take the time needed to explain our warranty and all other needed information once repairs are completed. We also ensure you know how to protect those repairs over the years. To find out more about our process, give us a call today!


See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Highly recommend Blooming Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. Their foundation repair contractors showed up on time and did a complete and honest assessment. After offering several possible solutions, we settled on a customized service that was both affordable and superior in quality.
- Jeff & Tammy Miller


Here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, we have over two decades of foundation repair experience. You know that when you call us, your property is in the best of hands no matter the extent of foundation damage and needed repairs.


Our slab foundation repair methods, basement wall repair, and pier and beam repair and replacement techniques are second to none! Whatever the foundation repairs you need to have done, our crew can do it all. To find out more about what sets us apart from the competition, call us today!


Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing boasts a long history of outstanding reviews from past satisfied clients as well as dozens of referrals. For the most reliable, affordable name in the industry, call us here at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing.

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When you need residential or commercial foundation repair in Bloomington, don’t settle for anything less than the #1 name in the industry, Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. Call us at (309) 220-3907
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